Our Vision


"Once upon a time…”  We have slightly opened the door into your child’s world of imagination, with this slogan, in our minds since the past until today, belonging to the fairy tale world. The chance to live a childhood, based on “happiness”, which would build the base for healthier and serene communities in the future. Believing that this is a period, which is a right for each living person from the birth, relying on a synthesis through parent and child role sharing, we aimed at turning this period into a more conscious and observable structure. Deriving from this point, we have combined our occupation, which is furniture production with our targeted child synthesis. This combination took us to ‘MOBİDİC’. In other words, the ‘MOB’ sounds as the furniture, and ‘BIDIK’ made us imagine a happy child, and the “MOBIDIK” brand came out. Throughout the time, our MOBIDIK turned into MOBİDİC, based on its customers. We are working since the year 1953, in order to carry on further our target based on happiness, which has been set by our founder Hacı Ahmet Ülkü. Based on the consciousness that a small happiness would bring about big differences in the future of a person’s life, we believe that we would be more successful as we would realize the happiness dream of more children. And our own fairy tale, which starts as "Once upon a time, there was…. And there wasn’t …" Without focusing on the part "There wasn’t" we are going to continue to present our products to the world, starting with Turkey, and continue to color the world as much as we can, as the stage designer for this fairy tale, in which our little heroes play the main roles and you and your friends play supporting roles.


Our Mission


As MOBIDIC, we are aiming at design creative and user-friendly products, which would satisfy various unique demands of the community we are living in, without sacrificing on quality and hygiene, and engaging into production of products with the usage of the newest technology; thereby creating happy groups of people around us. With this goal, we are combining the colored laminated flooring and cute wall stickers, having a French origin, with custom made, cute, aesthetic and functional furniture, and thereby present them the opportunity for opening up the world of imagination to them to become the hero of their own fairy tale.By turning the fairy tale living atmospheres, which our little heroes are dreaming of, into reality, we are assuming the mission for contributing to their spiritual growth and realizing this contribution by considering the “health” factor in the first place. Therefore we have made our products, by combining the paints, which do not threaten the human health, and custom made productions, special for each person, and handmade. We are proud of ourselves, that we are able to create a difference with this point of view. Our products are being manufactured with different methods, such as mdf or lacquer paint on massive, membrane coating on mdf lam. The most important aspect of our product is that they are having design and sizes, which enable the products to be used for a longer time, besides Standard products, which are available in the market. Our target group; are perhaps those parents, who still feel as a child somewhere deep inside and are not jealous to present this opportunity to their children, which most probably was not given to them when they were a child. Based on the reality, that a person becomes a child for once in a life time, we are offering you this as a second chance to experience, within the fairy tales, we have created with our little heroes.

Let’s enjoy this opportunity together.





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